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【高手教路 - 英國請人的 Dos & Don’ts】 HR masterclass - Employer’s Dos & Don’ts in the UK
【高手教路 - 英國請人的 Dos & Don’ts】 HR masterclass - Employer’s Dos & Don’ts in the UK

【高手教路 - 英國請人的 Dos & Don’ts】 HR masterclass - Employer’s Dos & Don’ts in the UK

香港商匯特地請來人力資源管理達人Wanda Chow及Find A Good Boss 英國代表,為我們講介一下在英國請人時需特別留意的事項。 Join us for a live webinar to learn HR practice in the UK from the best

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Time & Location 時間及地點

Mar 27, 2022, 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM


Details 活動詳情

(Please scroll down for english version)



🤔 自僱要如何處理?

🤔 OT Pay應該點計?

🤔 唔同聘用模式,交嘅稅有冇分別?

🤔 有什麼人事上的陷阱要學識避免?

🤔 英國職場文化咁唔同,有無員工管理秘笈?

我們請來Find A Good Boss 英國代表及於英國擁有豐富招聘及人力資理管理經驗的投資基金董事Wanda Chow為我們講介一下在英國請人時有甚麼Dos & Don‘ts 需要特別留意,以免誤墮陷阱。


Wanda Chow

Wanda是一位投資基金董事, 業務涵蓋餐飲、旅遊業及房地產投資,投資組合包括位於英格蘭中部超過250間學生宿舍。Wanda過往曾於荷蘭海牙的國際刑事法院及紐約的聯合國秘書長辦公廳工作。


Find A Good Boss 英國分部 成立於2019年7月,是一間以招聘香港年輕專業人士為主的社企。於2021年年尾,Find A Good Boss獲得 At Home Foundation的資助,將業務伸展至英國,為在英的BNO港人,尤是是欠缺財務支援的一群年輕人,提供工作配對、職業諮詢及求職講座等服務,希望令他們能盡早於英國安定下來。由成立至今,Find A Good Boss 英國分部已接觸了幾十位在英僱主及過百位的求職者。

對象: 有意於英格蘭西北部創業的港人,同時也歡迎其他地區的港人參與

語言: 廣東話

費用: 免費

截止報名日期:3月25日 (星期日) 晚上11時59分


1. 網上講座將會進行錄影,並上載至香港商匯網站及Youtube

2. 填妥報名表格後,將收到確認電郵。

3. 我們會於活動舉辦至少一天前將網上講座連結透過電郵送出。

Introduction of the webinar

To hire the right person is one of the key to a business’ success. During the hiring and managing process, do you ever wonder…

🤔Anything we need to pay attention to when offering an employment contract?

🤔What to do if I am self-employed?

🤔How to calculate OT pay?

🤔Any difference on the taxable amount with different type of employment contracts?

🤔Any traps to note and avoid?

🤔And tips for managing the team considering the working culture in the UK?

We are happy to have Wanda Chow, a HR master with very solid experience on employing and managing people in the UK's hospitality industry as well as the UK representative of Find a Good Boss to be our co-speakers. Don’t miss the chance to learn from their valuable experience, share your concern and get their advice during the webinar!

About the speaker

Wanda Chow

Director of an investment fund that invests in hospitality and real estate industries, including a student accommodation portfolio of over 250 rooms in the Midlands.

  Previously worked at the International Criminal Court, The Hague Netherlands and the Executive Office of the Secretary General, United Nations Headquarter, New York US. 

  Born and raised in Hong Kong. Speaks fluent Cantonese and English.

Find A Good Boss UK is a Hong Kong professional youth recruitment social enterprise founded in July 2019. In late 2021, with the funding from At Home Foundation, Findagoodboss expanded its services to the UK with a view to help BNO newcomers - especially youngsters with little to no financial support - settle down in their new homes by providing job matching, career counselling and job seeking webinars. The company has reached dozens of employers and hundreds of job seekers since its inception.

Webinar Details

Participants: BNO status holders who live in North West England; Other Hongkongers are also welcomed.

Language: Cantonese

Fee: Free

Application Deadline: 25 Mar (Sun) 23:59pm

Notice for participants

1. The webinar will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube.

2. A confirmation email will be sent to your mailbox as soon as the registration form is received.

3. The link for joining the webinar will be sent to you at least a day before the webinar starts.


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