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Choosing the right company structure for startup in the UK 如何在英國選擇合適的公司結構
Choosing the right company structure for startup in the UK 如何在英國選擇合適的公司結構

Choosing the right company structure for startup in the UK 如何在英國選擇合適的公司結構

Join us for a live webinar to learn different company structures in the UK and pick a right one for your business 香港商匯特地請來資深皇家特許會計師Patric Wong,分享如何在英國選擇合適的公司結構,走出創業的第一步

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Time & Location 時間及地點

Mar 05, 2022, 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM GMT

Webinar (via Microsoft Teams)

Details 活動詳情


Webinar Outline

🔸An introduction of different company structures in UK, e.g. limited company, sole trader, CIC, etc 

🔸 How to pick a suitable company structure for your business 

🔸 The procedure of registering a company  

🔸 Any things we need to specially take care of when registering a company in the UK

About the speaker

Patric Wong, Founder and Principal @p.w consulting

FCA | MEng (Oxford University) | Ex-Goldman Sachs | Ex-Big 4

Patric is a purpose driven, experienced Consultant, Finance Director and Fellow of ICAEW (Chartered Accountant). His career journey began more than 20 years ago, working as an Equity Research Analyst at a global investment bank. He subsequently spent a few years working as an Engineering Consultant for a leading consultancy. Patric continued to develop his business acumen and commercial skills while working for large and medium sized accountancy practices as well as in industry. Patric has specialist knowledge in the Corporate, Third and Circular Economy Sectors. Patric’s real-world senior leadership accomplishments and past experience working for companies of different sizes ranging from partnership to public limited company, puts him in an ideal position to understand and resolve the need of any organisation.

Webinar Details

Participants: BNO status holders who live in London; Other Hong Kongers are also welcomed.

Language: Cantonese

Fee: Free

Application Deadline: 1 Mar (Tue) 23:59pm

Notice for participants

1. The webinar will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube.

2. A confirmation email will be sent to your mailbox as soon as the registration form is received.

3. The link for joining the webinar will be sent to you at least a day before the webinar starts.


🔸 英國不同公司結構簡介:如有限公司、獨資/合伙公司、社區為本公司(CIC)等... 

🔸 如何揀選合適的公司結構 

🔸 註冊公司的程序及手續 

🔸 註冊公司時需特別留意的事項


Patric Wong (黃彥聰) 

資深皇家特許會計師 | 牛津大學工程學碩士 | 前高盛証券分析師 | 前四大會計師行審計師 

創辦者兼負責人 @柏偉管理顧問事務所

Patric 是一位資深顧問,財務總監及皇家特許會計師,擁有超過廿年的相關經驗。Patric曾於國際投資銀行擔任研究部分析師,其後於著名顧問公司擔任工程顧問。此外,Patric曾涉獵英國不同規模的公司以至不同行業的會計實務,培養出卓越溝通技巧及敏銳的商業觸覺。Patric對於企業,非牟利組織及內循環經濟這三個領域有特別深入的研究和見解。憑藉過往多年的管理經驗,以及與不同的公私營機構合作,讓他能輕易掌握不同機構的需要及提出相應解決方案。

對象: 有意於倫敦創業的港人,歡迎其他地區的港人參與

語言: 廣東話

費用: 免費

截止報名日期:3月1日 (星期二) 下午11時59分


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2. 填妥報名表格後,將收到確認電郵。

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