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Practical guide to start your e-shop

Many thought starting an online business is easy and low cost. While there may be some truth in it, it’s not an easy job too. It involves quite a lot of marketing efforts and complicated with a number of logistics issues.  E-commerce is the second most popular business that newly arrived Hongkongers are thinking to start, just after the food & beverage businesses in the UK.  As a result, the Hong Kong Business Hub would like to introduce a course for those who are new to the e-commerce world.

With the funding from the UK Government’s Hong Kong BN(O) Welcome Programme Regional VCSE Grant Scheme, Hong Kong Business Hub is excited to launch the “Practical guide to start your e-shop” course, a hands-on course to guide you to start your own e-shop in the UK.  

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for BN(O) status holders who are new to the e-commerce world but have a good idea what you want to sell online. You don’t have to have an existing company but ideally, you are planning to register as a sole trader or a company in the next 6 months. Those who live or will have their business registered in Greater London and North West England enjoy priority registration.

To proof your immigration status, we will need you to provide your date of birth and share code when submitting the application. You can get the share code via below link:

Course details

This course focuses on how to start, launch and market an e-shop in the UK. This will cover an overview of e-commerce, the key players and trends in 2023. Students will be guided to start an e-shop of their own and build the shop in a few lessons. Following this, we will discuss how to launch the shop and promote the business and products. Placing advertisements is a crucial way to reach out to your target customers. The course will discuss this in details and you will receive a small advertising budget to try out your own ad. campaign and learn how to analyse the results. Last but not least, we will discuss the logistic arrangements of importing products and fulfilling orders. This will be a mix of online lectures and interactive workshops.

Course dates

23 February 2023 – 30 March 2023




Online classes & Workshop


£50 (10% off for HKBH members)

Course schedule

Class duration: 1 - 1.5hours/lesson 

Lesson 1

23 Feb, 23 (Thu) 6 p.m.

What is e-commerce?


  • Overview of e-commerce value chain

  • What are some of the key players (Amazon, Facebook,  eBay)

  • What do successful e-commerce businesses look like & what makes them successful?

  • Observations, 2023 trends, and areas of consideration

Lesson 4

16 Mar, 23 (Thu) 6 p.m. 

Logistics: views from logistics company and clients

  • Sharing on import procedures & customs clearance in the UK

  • The best way to ship & how to choose a shipping company?

  • What to do with storage?

  • How to handle fulfilment?

  • Policies on “distance selling” in the UK

  • How to deal with warehousing

Lesson 2

2 Mar, 23 (Thu) 6 p.m.

How to build an e-shop using e-commerce platforms (part 1) – branding

  • Overview of e-commerce platforms

  • Decide your brand DNA

  • Choose a theme

  • Find out the key words for your brand

  • Who are your target customers

  • Set up domain, payment, shipping and billing systems


Exercise: register a free account and choose a theme

Lesson 5

23 Mar, 23 (Thu) 6p.m./
25 Mar, 23 (Sat) 11a.m.


  • Launching the e-shop, promotion and advertising

  • Tips on paid advertisements, targeting, and allocating ad budgets

  • Tips on images and videos

  • Brief idea of SEO

  • Setting up your campaign on Facebook/google ads


Exercise: You will be given a small budget to set your ad. profile

Lesson 3

9 Mar, 23 (Thu)  6pm

How to build an e-shop using e-commerce platform (part 2) - products and marketing

  • Add your products

  • Add sales channels

  • Marketing tools in the e-commerce platforms

  • Reporting in the e-commerce platform

Lesson 6

30 Mar, 23 (Thu) 6 p.m.

Analysis of ad. campaign results


  • How to analysis the ads. results

    • A/B testing

    • Common metrics used

  • How to test and improve ads performance

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to…


Understand the steps of starting an e-shop in an e-commerce platform

Learn how to promote your business in different channels

Get an understanding on the logistics and fulfilment of an online business in the UK

Get an overview of e-commerce  and the trends in 2023

Receive a certificate of completion if you have attend at least 80% of the course

Who will you learn with?

hinz pak_edited.jpg


Hinz Pak is a UK / HK based multi­ disciplinary designer, specialising in UXUI & communications design. He was the co-­founder and creative partner of Jou Sun (2014-2022), an online groceries start-up in Hong Kong started in 2015. He has also cofounded eSportsOMG (, an O2O gaming chair company currently running in Hong Kong.

His design works have been granted several design awards including Red Dot Award: Communication Design, The One Show Design Award and HKDA Global Design Award, Design for Asia Awards, Design for Society in International Design Awards, etc.



 Steven is a Business Executive for Amazon Web Services (AWS), leading their Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning business for the UK & Ireland region. He spent many years helping global e-commerce brands focus on their growth, acquisition, and customer retention strategies, including Deckers (parent company of UGG), Uber, Depop, and Deliveroo. He will spend time with us to share his latest observation & trends in the e-commerce space.


Jack, Oriental Tea Box

Owner of a few online businesses. Oriental Tea Box started in the UK in 2020, entering the market step by step.


Gary, Buyship

Gary graduated with a degree of Computer Engineering from The University of Hong Kong. He is the owner of Buyship, a global courier company focus on e-commerce logistic.  He has solid experiences in e-commerce software development with deep understanding of different e-commerce platforms, for example SHOPLINE, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.

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