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Food & Beverage
Entrepreneurship in the UK

Many Hongkongers are thinking to start a food & beverage business in the UK to share their culinary creations with others. But even for those with previous hospitality experience, starting a restaurant from scratch can be a gigantic task. There are lots of legal processes and licensing law to contend with, and you’ll need to make plenty of important decisions about designing your menu, choosing your suppliers, marketing your business, too.


With the funding from the UK Government’s Hong Kong BN(O) Welcome Programme Regional VCSE Grant Scheme, Hong Kong Business Hub, partnering with The Food Works and a few food entrepreneurs from Hong Kong, is excited to launch the “Food & Beverage Entrepreneurship in the UK”, a comprehensive course that will cover entrepreneurship and starting a food and beverage business in the UK.  

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for BN(O) status holders who are self-employed, planning to or currently running a food & beverage business, or aspiring entrepreneurs. Hongkongers or businesses in Greater London and North West England enjoy priority registration.

Course details

This course focuses on how to run and grow a successful food and beverage business in the UK. This will cover understanding the F&B industry and market trends, designing your products, evaluating competition, setting up operations, creating a brand, managing finance, legal requirements and licensing, running a company, etc. This will be a mix of online lectures, interactive live workshops and physical visit at restaurants.

Course dates

29 November 2022 - 22 February 2023


Cantonese and English (with written Chinese materials)


Online classes & physical visit


£100 (10% off for HKBH members)

Course schedule

Class duration: 1.5 - 2 hours/lesson 

Lesson 1

29 Nov, 22 (Tue) 3pm

4 food entrepreneurs share their journey of starting a business in the UK, covering different models:

  • Selling homemade food online

  • Takeaway & dark kitchens

  • Start a franchise restaurant

  • Take over a restaurant

Lesson 4 - 5

4 Jan, 23 (Wed) 10am & 2pm

Business planning workshops:

  • Present and pitch your business plan to lecturers and fellow classmates

  • Receive questions, feedbacks and suggestions from others that allow you to revisit your plan from different perspectives

Lesson 8

1 Feb, 23 (Wed) 10am

Comply with UK laws:

  • Rental of premises

  • Licensing

  • Employment legislation

  • Accounting

Lesson 12

15 Feb, 23 (Wed) 10am

Visit Food Works and learn their:

  • Operation procedure

  • Kitchen equipment

  • Environment & hygiene

  • Food safety

  • Natasha’s law (food allergy regulation)

Lesson 2

7 Dec, 22 (Wed) 10am

Overview of F&B market trend in the UK & start your own a market research:

  • The industry

  • Identify and know your target market

  • SWOT analysis

Lesson 6

11 Jan, 23 (Wed) 10am

Your brand is the first thing that impress customers! Together, we will learn more about...

  • Branding design

  • Identify your target market

  • Digital marketing

  • Adaptation strategy

Lesson 9-10

8 Feb, 23 (Wed) 10am & 2pm

Marketing plan workshop:

  • Present your marketing plan to lecturers and fellow classmates

  • Receive questions, feedbacks and suggestions from others that allow you to revisit your plan from different perspectives

Lesson 3

14 Dec, 22 (Wed) 10am

Writing a business plan for your F&B business:


  • Define your mission & vision

  • Your business (business model, location, size, products and services, pricing strategy)

  • Identify your USP

  • Budgeting

Lesson 7

18 Jan, 23 (Wed) 10am

Products & services:

  • Design your menu

  • Pricing

  • Design the customer journey

Lesson 11

15 Feb, 23 (Wed) 10am

Let’s get it started:

  • Sourcing F&B ingredients suppliers

  • Sourcing equipment

  • Sourcing packaging materials

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to…
  Understand the steps and legal requirements of starting a food & beverage business in the UK
  Develop and reflect on your own food & beverage business and marketing plan
  Establish a network with existing and upcoming food business owners in the UK
  Receive a certificate of completion if you have attend at least 80% of the course

Who will you learn with?


The Food Works

The Food WorksSW is a local dynamic food and drink innåovation centre, offering food-grade business units and development kitchens, plus hands-on food technical and specialist business support, sector-based training and networking, conference and room hire, together with a coffee shop and business lounge to help you and your ideas to thrive.

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-27 at 3.39.24 PM (1).jpeg

Wing Chang
Wing Chang is a restaurateur who has ample of experience in the F&B industry in the UK. Owned two F&B operations, Wing worked his way up from the bottom to the top: from glass-washer, to General Manager, then to Business Owner. 
Graduated from the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford and Le Cordon Blue, London, Wing keeps learning different skills, expanding his knowledge and meeting new people.
Wing thinks that it is now time for him to help people within the industry – sharing his skills, experience and knowledge. He considers seeing like minded people grow, and their businesses thrive a joy to him.

Picture 1.jpg

Eric, Trini

Eric is a tea master from Hong Kong. He blends tea leaves from different countries to make it a perfect recipe for milk tea. Upon moved to the UK, he founded Trini tea - bottled milk tea of different kinds! Started from a home kitchen, he now owns a shop inside a big Hong Kong supermarket. Eric will share with us - how we can start small in the UK from a home business and expands gradually. One of the best examples of lean startups!

uncle K.jpeg


KK and his wife Isabella working non F&B in Hong Kong. KK was financial planner & Isabella was FMCG sales & marketing job. They moved to the UK 1.5 years ago.

As a foodie themselves, they decided to run a F&B business. With no previous experiences, they chose to enter a franchising agreement with a Korean style food business.

KK will share with us why he chose to be a franchisee, what are the benefits and what needs to note in his franchising journey.

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