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HKBH receives funding from the UK Government to launch "BN(O) Entrepreneurs Capacity Build Program"

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

(United Kingdom – 17 February 2022) Hong Kong Business Hub (“HKBH”) is excited to announce that we have been awarded funding from the UK Government’s Hong Kong British National (Overseas) Welcome Programme Regional Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Grant Scheme to launch the “BN(O) Entrepreneurs Capacity Building Programme” in London and North-West England. A series of online webinars, covering company incorporations, marketing and promotions, accounts and audits, employment legislation, environmental protection and customer data protection, will be organised between March and June for BN(O) status holders who have started or are planning to start businesses in the UK, with the aim of unleashing their professional potential and empowering them to embark on their entrepreneurial journey. HKBH will also organise networking events in June to connect Hong Kong businesses, entrepreneurs and local organisations, to promote synergies and enhance BN(O) entrepreneurs’ competitiveness in the UK.

Over 40% of BN(O) status holders considered to start their own businesses

Hong Kong Business Hub aims to unleash Hongkongers’ potentials

A survey conducted last year revealed that 43% of Hongkongers who have moved or will move to the UK will consider starting their own business in the UK. 74% of them have over 10 years of professional experience, while 60% own a total asset of over £200,000. HKBH foresees that London and North-West England, including Manchester, will be the top choices of Hong Kong entrepreneurs, considering their popularity among Hongkongers.

Puifung Leung, Co-Founder of Hong Kong Business Hub shared, “as a newly-established Hongkonger organisation in the UK, we are pleased to be awarded funding from the UK government and to be part of the ‘Hong Kong BNO Welcome Programme’ that assists Hongkongers’ integration into the UK. Most of the BN(O) status holders have just moved to the UK for less than a year and are unfamiliar with the local business environment, laws and regulations, and are hence facing various challenges especially when starting a new business. Fortunately, Hongkongers are agile, adaptive and competitive; by inviting different professionals and successful entrepreneurs to share useful business knowledge in the UK, we strongly believe the programme will help Hongkongers to unleash their potential, initiating the first step towards success, and in the long term, creating more job opportunities for others including BN(O) Hongkongers and contributing to British society”.

Last year, the UK government announced that it would allocate £43.1 million (equivalent to HKD0.46 billion) to support BN(O) status holders to successfully settle in their new communities. On 10 February 2022, a total of 47 national and regional projects were awarded over £2.6 million of government funding. For further details, see:

Hong Kong Business Hub – support, accelerate and connect Hong Kong entrepreneurs in the UK and USA Hong Kong Business Hub, founded in 2021, is an independent international business organisation, committed to supporting, accelerating and connecting Hong Kong entrepreneurs and businesses in the UK and USA through our business services, incubation programme, trainings, company profiling and networking opportunities, while also promoting and safeguarding the interests of the Hong Kong entrepreneurial community in the UK and USA. For more details:

BN(O) Entrepreneurs Capacity Building Programme

March - Choosing the right company structure in the UK

April - Key employment legislation in the UK

May - How to advertise my business in the UK?

June - Quick guide for start-up business account and audit

July - How to protect customer data?

July - BN(O) entrepreneurs networking event

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Victina Tse



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